Achieving a feeling of pride in retirement

Are you the employee who eagerly waits for retirement day or one who fears it because they are not prepared? While there is no blueprint for a happy retirement, some actions can help increase the chances of having an enjoyable life after retirement. For example, you...[Read More]

Top 10 financial New Year’s resolutions to achieve in the new year

The new year is a perfect time to reflect on your achievements from the ending year and to plan for the new year. While you can also make resolutions for other aspects of life, financial success should be at the top of your list. Check if you achieved your last...[Read More]

Are you still using your ABN?

Your ABN may be flagged for cancellation if you haven’t reported business activity in your tax return, or there are no signs of business activity in other lodgments or third-party information. If we identify your ABN as inactive, we’ll contact you by email, letter...[Read More]

Pressure builds to ditch tax cuts in next budget

Welfare advocates are putting a spotlight on the federal government’s planned tax cuts for the wealthy, urging them to be scrapped in favour of lifting the rate of JobSeeker and other support payments. Anglicare Australia has released its submission to the government...[Read More]

‘Encouraging signs’ for Australia, China trade row

No changes to Chinese sanctions on Australian goods have been announced but ministers remain hopeful breakthrough meetings will lead to their removal. Agriculture Minister Murray Watt welcomed a meeting between Trade Minister Don Farrell and his Chinese counterpart...[Read More]

Australia looks to plug EU energy gap with renewables

Australia is being proposed as a solution to Europe’s energy woes with the energy minister pushing for closer ties. Delivering a speech in Brussels, Energy Minister Chris Bowen said Australia will be a renewables superpower and could step in to plug energy...[Read More]

5 Ways to Live Your Best Life After Retirement

Have you ever thought about life after retirement? If you have, you most likely think about the best things in life: a happy family, good health and wealth. The only way to make this dream retirement a reality is to have the right retirement plan. Below are some tips...[Read More]

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying Life Insurance

Like any other insurance policy, life insurance has many variations to meet different users’ needs. Thus, before choosing one, you must determine what you need in a life insurance policy. The best way to determine the best policy is by evaluating your needs, premium...[Read More]

Cost of living crisis to hit turning point

Households have been hit hard at the supermarket check-out but prices are unlikely to get any higher. Expectations are that inflation peaked in the fourth quarter of 2022 ahead of a gradual tracking down over the next two years. The quarterly consumer price index will...[Read More]

‘Sweet’ victory for Aussie honey producers

Australian honey producers say the withdrawal of court proceedings by a New Zealand group trying to trademark the “manuka” name is a major win. New Zealand’s Manuka Honey Appellation Society (MHAS) had been fighting in the UK High Court to stop Australian...[Read More]

Five new year’s tax resolutions

Don’t clean out the garage. Forget that lapsed gym membership. Here are 5 new year’s resolutions to keep if you want to stay on top of your tax and super in 2023. Know if you’re in business or not! Are you earning an increasing income from a hobby? You might...[Read More]

Communicating with a senior — 5 tips for meaningful conversations

Whether it’s your parents or grandparents who are living with you, providing aged care comes with its own set of challenges. As time passes, you may realise that communicating with a senior can get more difficult as they advance in age. Daily encounters can become...[Read More]

5 Things to do as you plan for the year ahead

People typically associate the new year with hope — a time for fulfilling plans, whether those are financial, personal or professional. The past year is finally over and you can now look forward to what the new year has in store. While it’s also possible things...[Read More]

Ag export success linked to sustainability

Australia’s agriculture minister will promote the country’s sustainability credentials which he says need an image overhaul as he tries to secure the best deal for Aussie farmers during a trade mission to the UK and Europe. In a joint industry-government push to...[Read More]

Treasurer optimistic on real wage growth

The federal government is hopeful wages will continue to grow strongly even as interest rate hikes take the heat out of the economy and stamp down inflation. Pay packets are growing at the fastest rate in more than a decade as the strong labour market continues to put...[Read More]